(Ten thousand pine-trees' temple)

Karakuri ningyou or robotized dolls

Bansho-ji Temple provides you with the show of Karakuri Ningyou schedlued every day as below;

10:00 12:00 14:00 16:00 18:00
(Rain check in case of bad weather condition)

As the temple bell sounds,the doors begin to slide open.
Right in the center of the stage protruding forward,
is appearing young Nobunaga
wearing a long and short pair of Japanese swords in a thick straw rope.
Representing 18 year old Nobunaga throwing incense brazier at the tablet with
his father's after life's name on during the funeral services for his father /
smoke rises at his feet!

On the stage turned into the scene in Kiyosu castle,
Nobunaga dancing Geten no Mai(kouwakami) accompanied by flutes,drums
and chants of Utai before going to the front to battle at Okehazama in 1566.
And the chants go as below;
"Man's 50 years are like passing dreams or visions,
in comparison with the everlasting cause in the universe.
Once given life,should there be any man that doesn't perish ?
Should there be any man that dosen't perish?"

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Naka-ku Nagoya
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